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We Need MORE than 366 Random Acts of Kindness

Many people set out to provide random acts of kindness every single day as a goal, and it’s a wonderful goal to have. Some has said they’ll do something every single day for a year, and then of course by then it has become a habit. It’s a wonderful habit to cultivate. Consider what YOU have personally done that was a kindness to someone – maybe a total stranger – you didn’t actually HAVE to do, but you did it anyway.

Remember how wonderful it felt? Every single time I do something nice for someone else that appears random, I have to believe that it truly isn’t random at all. Perhaps when I helped the woman walk her groceries to her car the other day, she may have been in pain and struggling. Maybe having someone help lift those bags eased her pain for a short while. I’ll never know. And it doesn’t matter.

One of the things I’ve learned about life is that it is about GIVING. Sometimes you hear the word “forgive.” I hear that word, and think, “Yes! Life is all about this! Life is FOR GIVING.” And when I give (including acts of kindness), a remarkable thing happens. I feel wonderful!

So, now comes the realization that life is FOR GIVING, because when you give, you receive. One act cannot happen without a corresponding act in response. The “thing” you receive may be a warm fuzzy feeling. And that’s something money just can’t buy.

I challenge readers to begin to commit to making acts of kindness a habit, and to not look for something in return. You’ll get something anyway, whether it’s a smile in return, or that warm fuzzy feeling within your own being. Try it!